DCM 101

We just want to take a moment to address the headlines making the rounds about grain free foods for dogs and its relevance to DCM (Dilated cardiomyopathy). Please don’t panic.

1. The FDA report says that grain free foods MAY be linked to DCM. Headlines are suggesting that it IS grain free food. Out of 77 million dogs in this country this is about 560 cases of DCM (115 deaths out of those 560) since 2014, of which a good chunk are breeds of dogs that are already genetically pre-disposed to the disease.

2. The dogs must have a necropsy to diagnosis DCM. It seems sensible that those who can afford such testing wouldn’t be feeding Ol’ Roy or most Purina products. Therefore, those foods are not included in this report.

3. Not to put too fine a point on this, but the 12 cases of taurine-deficiency DCM described in the 2001 paper were collected between 1997 and 2001, years before grain-free dog foods had arrived on the pet food scene.

4. For example: regarding Taste of the Wild, there were 53 cases out of 72 million bags of food sold. If you break this down to percentages – you can’t even get to 1%.

Having said all of this, we sell grain free because the public demanded it. I (Shelley) have long told people, when asked, their dogs did not NEED to be on grain free food. Cats SHOULD be on grain free food as they are obligate carnivores, dogs are not.

When customers have been trying to solve skin issues, ear issues and the such – we do and have suggested trying a grain free fish based food. We have had many many successful cases of dogs being miserable and having those issues solved with a change to this diet.

We definitely need more research done on this, and we are here to help you switch to a QUALITY food with grain if you would like to do so. We love Dr. Gary’s Best Breed and have this veterinarian researched food in stock in salmon, chicken and lamb. Please do not panic and switch over to a food full of corn and by-products – there are plenty of quality foods with grain we can recommend.

Long story short, please come talk to us about your concerns. We are here to help. Your pets are our priority and have always been so. ❤️

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