Aggressive Dog? Free Training Available


Donation made in Mazy’s honor for this fund.

Do you have a dog that is behaving in a reactive/aggressive manner and you are considering giving your dog to the shelter or re-homing him or even worse, euthanizing him? If you wish to utilize all avenues to keep your pet in your home this program is for you. Must be willing to work with the trainer and dedicate the time needed to help your dog and your family. Funds may be available for these situations through a gift to the Athens County Humane Society for the Saving Mazy Project. Funds were donated by a local family to help manage aggressive dogs and keep them in their homes so they do not end up being shuffled around or relinquished to a shelter.

Training provided by our local positive reinforcement trainers. This program serves Athens, Hocking, Meigs and Vinton counties.  Download the Saving Mazy Project Application and email it to