Feisty the Shop Kitty

Feisty. Photo by John Halley.

Feisty. Photo by John Halley.

Feisty is our resident diva and our live-in feline friend. Feisty had been abandoned and was part of the ACHS adoption program. Shelley brought her to the store to get her off the streets and hopefully into someone’s home. That was in 2010.

Feisty had been declawed and had numerous injuries due to living outside without protection. Many cats who have been declawed tend to resort to biting, sometimes inappropriately. Feisty is one of them. If you are a true cat person and watch for the signs – she is one of the most loveable cats around. She drools when she is particularly happy. Visit this website for more information about declawing.


feisty treeIf you are visiting the store please say hi to Feisty, but keep petting to the top of the head and don’t antagonize her with games with your hands please. We appreciate your patience with our rehabilitating cat.