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A well trained dog is a pleasure to have as part of your family, which is why we recommend three local positive reinforcement trainers.  Get ready to create a strong foundation for life with your dog. Please contact these trainers directly for more information.

mission impawsibleMission: Impawsible Animal Training
Training classes and in-home sessions, Michelle does it all. Does your dog bark to be let out? Scratch or nudge you for attention? Or “invite” himself onto your lap when you are “neglecting” him? Turns out sometimes dogs can be just as good at training their humans! This might seem cute at first, but it’s their way of telling YOU what to do. If gone unchecked, can lead to some pretty undesirable (and hard to fix) behaviors. We all know someone who has a dog who “runs the house,” so to speak. Contact Michelle to end these bad behaviors. Classes held at Friendly Paws Sunday afternoons.

Connecting Spirits, Jedi takes a leap!

Connecting Spirits offers positive reinforcement basic training and agility classes. JoAnna also offers one-on-one classes & home visits for specific issues.

JoAnna and her MACH CH Belgian Sheepdog Jedi CD CGC RA NF have earned a championship in conformation and agility. While achieving the title of Master Agility Champion, they were ranked in the Top 5 of the breed and competed at the national level. JoAnna’s passion is to help others achieve that special connection with the animals in their lives. Classes are held at Milliron Clinic on Route 550.



Best Pets Dog Training

Best Pets Dog Training

Best Pets Dog Training offers puppy classes and basic training. All classes use the positive reinforcement approach. Puppy classes are offered for dogs as young as 8 weeks old. Basic obedience classes are offered for dogs older than 8 months. Classes are held uptown across from Family Dollar.

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Visit our Training Supplies page for items you may find helpful in working with your pet.


Mazy inspired her owners to set up the Saving Mazy Project.

Are you considering re-homing your pet due to poor training? If so, please visit the Saving Mazy Project page for information about free training to help you keep your pet!