Spay/Neuter Resources

If you are unable to afford oucatvetr local veterinary clinics but wish to get your pet spayed/neutered  please utilize one of the following resources to reduce unwanted litters.

  • The Athens County Humane Society low cost spay/neuter clinics. Registrations are held the first Thursday of each month at Market on State. All information is on their website. They currently have funds for stray and feral cats and charges are flexible. Please act before their are kittens!
  • Project Neuter Spay: Their facebook page will keep you up to date with registrations for dogs and cats.
  • The SPOT Clinic in Parkersburg, WV.
  • Help for Animals in Barboursville, WV: The trip might be worth your while if you get a van load of cats or dogs there at one time. They have the lowest prices but are about 2hrs away.