Do’s and Don’ts

DO bathe your pet often. As long as you rinse and dry well, your pets love being clean!

DON’T use human shampoo to bathe your pets. Using human shampoos that are not formulated to your pets’ coat can dry them out and cause itching, allergies and other problems. This goes for conditioners too.

 DO brush your dog and cat daily. It not only provides your pet with a healthy coat, but it promotes time and attention your pet will love, and allows you to be aware of any changes in your pets’ skin, coat and body.

DON’T bathe your pet in a tub of water…you need to have a pressure nozzle (such as a shower head) and allow the water to drain. Bathing a dog or cat in a half filled tub with a cup will not get the soap out of their coat and will cause dry skin and promote matting.

DO feed a high quality pet food. Low quality or “grocery store brand” foods can cause dry skin, allergies, and unhealthy coats. A high quality food is a big part of having a pet with healthy skin and coat.

DON’T use human hair dryers to dry your pet unless you use the cool setting VERY carefully. Towel dry well and let them air dry. Human hair dryers are too hot and will cause dry itchy skin and burns.

DO brush before you bathe! Water causes existing mats to get tighter and harder to remove.

DON’T bathe a pet that has matting, it will only make it worse!