5/1/20 UPDATE: We will be announcing days in which we will hold blocks of time for nail trims by the letter of your last name. For instance: 10-12pm A-K. We will be unable to make calls to update individuals due the large volume of messages. Please check back here for future information. Thanks for your understanding.

4/28/20 UPDATE posted on home page:

3/16/20 WALK-IN NAIL Trim Services are suspended until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. The state has deemed grooming non-essential.

Thank you for not asking our groomers to provide services outside of our shop and putting them in the uncomfortable position of having to say no.

Documents which tell how to trim your pet’s nails at home using classical counter conditioning.
1 Learn the Jargon
2 Learning to Read Nails
3 Building a +CER How to use CCDS
4 Trimming the Nails
Scratch Board TrainingPDF
5 Exhausted All Options
Credit for documents goes to FB group Nail Maintenance for Dogs

Nail Trims are only $10 – Walk-In!
Dremeled/Filed smooth just $2 more.

Normal Walk-in Nail trim schedule when there isn’t a pandemic.
M -F 10am-4:30pm.
Evenings are often available depending upon the schedule, just call first.
Most Saturdays 10:15am-4pm.

We suggest calling to be sure the groomer is in for the day. There may be times a groomer is ill or out for some unforeseen circumstance.

$2 Discount Program
For dogs who have long “quicks”, we offer a discount to help you get the quick to recede. The more often they are trimmed/filed, the shorter the quick becomes. Ask for our coupon card to take advantage of this program and bring your dogs back within one to two weeks to receive the discount.

2/1/2020: While we do our best to accommodate walk-in nail trims and other services, moving forward if you need more than two services, an appointment will need to be made. For instance; nails and sani are fine, however nails, sani, and feet trim would need an appointment. We will be able to work these appointments in, usually within a few days. Thank you for your understanding.

Dogs: Nail care is very important. If dogs are not walked on hard ground, their nails tend to grow quickly. If their nails grow too long, it can lead to sprung toes in athletic breed and turned out toes in severe cases. Also, ingrown nails, especially dew claws (the nails at the sides of the front and sometimes back paws) need to be checked regularly by you as they do not get pared back when your dog is walking. Keeping nails short and blunt, often prevent injuries and splitting, bleeding nails, including subsequent expensive emergency room visits. We can clip your dog’s nails for just $10 and show you how to do it if you want to maintain their nail health on your own in the future.

Does your dog growl and bite when you try to do nail trims at home? This short video by Dr. Sophia Yin gives you step by step instructions to make nail trims a positive experience for even the most difficult dog.

Another helpful video to train your pet for trims.

Here is another video that will cover the angle to do your nail trims at home.

Cat nails can be very sharp as you know. We can trim their front & back claws for you to reduce incidences of scratching and damage. Claws are an important part of a cat’s anatomy and we do not recommend de-clawing. Cats shed their nails and utilize their pads and scratching behavior to “mark” their territory. Providing scratching posts and learning how to train them are very important for your cat’s health. Please read about declawing before you think about having this surgery done – it is outlawed in 25 countries and is considered to be cruel. Only $10 for a nail trim at the shop. We will be happy to show you how to trim your cat’s nails – it can be very simple!