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DON’T SHOP – ADOPT!  Adopt a pet from over 12000 animal shelters and rescues across the country. Search cats & dogs for adoption by breed, age, size, location. At any one time, 300,000 adoptable pets are listed: dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, small furry animals, horses, pigs and more. Users can search by kind of animal, breed, gender, size and/or age. The results of the search are ranked in proximity to the user’s Zip Code. The site is free to both the public and shelters and rescue groups.

Pets of most any breed can be found on this site. Some are mixes, some are not. Puppies can also be found. Don’t support PUPPY MILLS by shopping for pets in a pet store. Good breeders will not sell to pet stores, because they want to know their puppies are going to good homes. Supporting questionable breeding keeps the parent dogs in misery.

At Friendly Paws we have pledged:
We LOVE puppies, that’s why we will never sell them!