Pet Sitters


Paige is a senior at Ohio University with a major in Athletic Training. She is originally from the Cleveland area. Paige grew up volunteering at the local Animal Protective League and pet sitting neighbor’s pets. She loves all animals and has had a variety of pets ranging from ducks, chickens, and rats to leopard geckos. Her family almost always had 4 dogs roaming around the house and she currently has 2 dogs here at OU.




Grace is from Akron, Ohio but is currently a student at Ohio University studying social work. She loves taking care of your pets and giving them all the love they need while you are away. When she isn’t pet sitting or at the shop doing dog bathing and de-shedding, Grace spends her time volunteering with different organizations around the Athens community or playing with her new puppy, Ellis.


Seth –  Seth is always looking to pick up a pet sitting shift at Friendly Paws and loves entertaining your pets. You may also see him working at the Athens Community Center. He spends most of his time watching movies, going to dog parks, and discovering new trails to hike.




Marnie grew up in Cleveland and currently attends Ohio University majoring in wildlife conservation. She worked and volunteered at a cat shelter called Love-A-Stray through high school, so you could say she’s a crazy cat lady! She loves all animals and plans to do research on snakes and wild cats once she graduates. She even competes in horseback riding for the OU Western Equestrian Team. Back home she has a cat (Scarlet), an American Bulldog (Bane), and a corn snake (Ziggy), who are her toughest goodbyes when she leaves for school.