Nail trims for this coming week below.
You do not need an appointment, just show up during the time block.

Current weird hours for in-shop customers: M, T, TH, FR: 11-6PM
SAT: 11-4PM Closed Wed & Sun.
Masks required to enter and provided for those without.


*Pet parents are welcome to come in if making purchases,
otherwise please wait by your car.
Groomer will come out. Please maintain 6ft distance from other customers and be nice. 🙂  Masks/bandanas are required in shop.
*If you are in a hurry, plan to come another time as we can not
guarantee how long the wait may be. 

Customers are welcome in the shop, if you would rather not enter we are offering Porch Pick-Up Service:
Email what you need to Your items will typically be ready same day but plan a day ahead if you are in a hurry.
A secure link will be emailed for online payment.
We prefer this method so we don’t tie up our one phone line. Thank you!

If we canceled an appointment due to the  COVID shutdown of grooming services you are already on our list, there is no need to call.


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Help out the community and donate pet food to any of the following organizations;

Meals on Wheels seniors, ACHS emergency COVID program, Athens County Dog Shelter.

You may also donate a mask to seniors in need of one. Many are unable to find them easily.

EMAIL YOUR ORDER to – subject line “Donation”. Tell us which org and choose from options below.

Dog 6lb: $10
Dog 20lb: $24
Dog 40lb: $35

Cat 6lb: $11
Cat 18lb: $26

Masks: $5

An invoice will be emailed to you for secure online payment. Thank you for supporting your community!!

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Free Delivery Now Offered

Delivery free within 7 miles and free with $60 purchase within 15 miles.

We are also offering pre-paid curbside pickup.

You may call to place an order at the shop 740-593-5125 OR email us at for home delivery. Please do one or the other so more than one person is not working on your order. Thx!

Please include anything from the shop you typically buy, size, amount, your address and your phone number. We will then call you to take your payment over the phone.

We have been thinking about doing this for awhile, so this will be a good test run. For the first two weeks there will be no additional fees within 7 miles. We will see how we can assist people who live further out and do our very best to help.

Everyone stay healthy. ❤️

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HIRING: Dog Behaviorist/Trainer

We get requests at the shop every day for dog and even cat training. Therefore, we are looking for someone who shares our mission to provide dogs with positive reinforcement training; to hold classes at the shop again.

We are looking for someone in the Athens, OH area who may have a background in working with zoo or marine animals, birds or other instances of positive reinforcement training in addition to dogs; to obtain wanted behavior. IAABC or APDT membership required.

If you do not have IAABC and are interested in an eight week mentorship with local expert Sarah Filipiak please visit

Experience we are looking for:
• Operant conditioning
• Positive reinforcement
• Hand signals and/or clicker training
• Voice commands
• Reward systems

Trainer will use the above techniques to teach new or improved behavior to puppies and adults. They will also examine the progress of the dog and advise owners on how best to reinforce these teaching methods at home. They may also need to provide the owner with additional exercises to be undertaken away from the dog training sessions. Dog trainers will need to be sensitive to the needs of the owner and be able to make them aware of the important role they play in the ongoing training of their dog. They should be available to the clients by email between classes to offer basic feedback or answer simple questions. Therefore, internet access is needed.

Certifications a plus. Internships or working with another experienced trainer may suffice. References from instructors and clients required. Nights and weekends (Sundays) will be required due to client schedules and the shop schedule. This position will not recommend, endorse or utilize tools which are known to gain punishment-based compliance (ie: prong, choke or shock collars).

Pay is dependent upon experience and clients served. Will likely be a commission-based pay as a W2 employee. Must hold a minimum of two 50 min. classes per week if there is client demand (approximately 8 dogs total). Must also be available to teach during the summer months. If interested, please submit a resume and inquiry to to set up a meeting.

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Found Kittens?

KITTENS. Everyone is finding kittens. Local rescues are full. There are not enough fosters.

Options: 1. Foster the kittens for a rescue 2. Use your network of people to find a foster for the kittens 3. Get on waiting lists with a rescue 4. (our favorite) Foster/find a foster and re-home the kittens – please make sure they get spayed/neutered. Yes, we know they aren’t your cats – but not ensuring they get fixed will increase the likelihood that you will find more kittens in a month, 4 months, a year… The Athens County Humane Society holds low cost clinics all year round. They serve everyone, regardless of income. Charge a re-homing fee to cover your costs.

Our networks are saturated. You have different contacts than we or the rescues have. Please use them to your advantage.

Visit our website for SAFE ways to re-home pets.

THANK YOU for caring and trying to help the helpless.

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In Case You Haven’t Heard…

we love puppies

We will never sell ANY live animal for profit. All pets who come from chain pet stores are coming from unsavory conditions and dealers. Use your voice, don’t shop in chains who support misery. Looking for a cat or dog? Adopt through Looking for fish or a pocket pet? Our local pet shop Fish N’ Stuff is an ethical shop which carries reptiles and fish. We love Athens because Athens loves LOCALLY OWNED!

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What Are You Feeding Your Pet?

Beneful – such a pretty bag! Look at all those veggies and meats! And the price, you would think you are feeding your dog a good-for-him diet right? Unfortunately you would be wrong. Most grocery store foods are not made from quality ingredients. Feed your pets better for LESS at Friendly Paws!

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