Bark at the Park

Join us for Bark at the Park nights to watch the SE Ohio Copperheads play at Bob Wren Stadium this summer. Games start at 7:05pm. Bring your friendly dogs out to have some fun and watch some great demos by dog trainers JoAnna Sidote and Anne Morrison between innings. Lots of fun and the first 50 dogs through the gates each night get a Copperheads/Friendly Paws tennis ball for their dog!

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9th Annual Doggy and Human Ice Cream Social

Join us for an afternoon of human and doggy ice cream to get in the summer mood. Saturday, June 23; 1PM-4PM.

Photo Booth! Raffles! Adoptable Dogs!

All proceeds benefit Friends of the Shelter Dogs.

Ice cream for people will be available donated by Texas Roadhouse. Dog Ice cream for your dogs that won’t upset their tummy provided by Friendly Paws.

JoAnna Sidote of Connecting Spirits Animal Training will be on hand to give out training tips for donations to a group TBA.

Plan on a fun afternoon after the Farmer’s Market. We will have lots of store specials showing our customers how much we appreciate you! Sales! Door prizes! T-Shirts! Treats! Raffle Items!

Hopefully other rescues will also be joining us, if you happen to be looking for a new furry friend, make sure to stop by.

Parking available at OU Credit Union as they will be closed.

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Found Kittens?

KITTENS. Everyone is finding kittens. Local rescues are full. There are not enough fosters.

Options: 1. Foster the kittens for a rescue 2. Use your network of people to find a foster for the kittens 3. Get on waiting lists with a rescue 4. (our favorite) Foster/find a foster and re-home the kittens – please make sure they get spayed/neutered. Yes, we know they aren’t your cats – but not ensuring they get fixed will increase the likelihood that you will find more kittens in a month, 4 months, a year… The Athens County Humane Society holds low cost clinics all year round. They serve everyone, regardless of income. Charge a re-homing fee to cover your costs.

Our networks are saturated. You have different contacts than we or the rescues have. Please use them to your advantage.

Visit our website for SAFE ways to re-home pets.

THANK YOU for caring and trying to help the helpless.

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Experienced Groomer Needed


We are so busy we need another groomer! We are looking for an experienced, patient, friendly, hardworking, dedicated, nice, people friendly, pet friendly, cooperative, willing to work with others, love what you do, dependable, groomer to come work with us in our busy shop. Opportunity for full or part-time hours and every other Saturday.  Willingness to step in and help out with other hours if other groomers are ill or need time off.

Must be able to lift large dogs 60lbs+. We do have hydraulic tables. Must have reliable transportation. Please be fun to work with and love animals.

Cat grooming a plus but not required.

Please drop off resume and references at the shop or email. Excellent store discounts and pay is based on experience and very generous. Apply at Friendly Paws Pet Supplies & Grooming, 940 E. State Street, Athens OH 45701/Email:

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Rate your Pet Food/Recall Notifications

Click here.

Click here.

Have you signed up to get email notifications about recalls for your pet food? Dog Food Advisor and Truth About Pet Food are valuable resources. Visit these websites and sign up. While you are there, check out how your pet food rates. If you don’t buy it at Friendly Paws, you may be surprised by what you find.

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In Case You Haven’t Heard…

we love puppies

We will never sell ANY live animal for profit. All pets who come from chain pet stores are coming from unsavory conditions and dealers. Use your voice, don’t shop in chains who support misery. Looking for a cat or dog? Adopt through Looking for fish or a pocket pet? Our local pet shop Fish N’ Stuff is an ethical shop which carries reptiles and fish. We love Athens because Athens loves LOCALLY OWNED!

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What Are You Feeding Your Pet?

Beneful – such a pretty bag! Look at all those veggies and meats! And the price, you would think you are feeding your dog a good-for-him diet right? Unfortunately you would be wrong. Most grocery store foods are not made from quality ingredients. Feed your pets better for LESS at Friendly Paws!

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